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Pathfinder Foundation, an initiative taken by social change driven youths.

Vision behind to start Pathfinder Foundation is to provide better education, training and employment to the rural students and make them employable as well as uplifting of rural healthcare services.

Pathfinder Foundation is a not-for-profit organization providing vocational training as well as employability skills training and career guidance to young people from disadvantaged communities in India.

Pathfinder Foundation was borne out of the belief that by helping young people to develop new skills, by giving them access to relevant vocational training and connecting them with employers, We enable them to take control of their own careers and lives.

School Programs

My Science Lab (MSL) a powerful, innovative and affordable Education Solution boosting learner and educator capacity and proficiency to the benefit of the school. MSL is known for its unique Lab on Wheel and low-cost science activities.

Pathfinder Foundation’s My Science Lab is a unique product that addresses the lack of science laboratories in many Indian schools. The absence of laboratory equipment and science activities means that learners are not able to conduct practical experiments as required in the curriculum which adversely affects their overall performance and understanding of the subject matter.

Science Workshops in Schools is a window of opportunity to the students in the Private & government Schools in the state to bridge between the theoretical & practical divide. We are helping rural schools by providing in house practical training and trying to aware about science and develop curiosity among students. It is a comprehensive & well thought -out initiative to open new vistas of Science Aided Teaching & Learning to provide a level –playing field to Private & Government school students whether in rural areas or in the cities. The continuous engagement of teachers & learners during the interactive learning process will enable effectiveness in education & students will become more innovative.

Mobile Science Laboratory

Mobile Science Laboratory a powerful, innovative and affordable Education Solutions boosting educator capacity and proficiency to the benefit of the learner. Mobile science lab is a unique product that addresses lack of science laboratory. It mainly covers schools nearby villages.

Mobile Science Lab’s Objective:

  • To help young science learners in understanding concepts of science by play way method.
  • To spark curiosity and imbibe scientific way of thinking
  • Promote science education a culture of science in the population at large
  • To spread awareness about latest discoveries and their impact on society
  • To discuss issues related to adverse effects of scientific developments
  • To promote science as a medium of socio-economic development
  • To glorify careers in science – The media, parents and students should be sensitized to the various career options and job situations available to students coming out of science streams.
  • This would encourage more students to science and reverse the alarming trend of lack of interest in basic sciences.


  • Presence in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Noida, Delhi & MP.
  • Executed more than 27 social projects in different parts of India.
  • Created One Big Science Centre for students in Nagpur.
  • Created Lab on Wheel at Nagpur & Solapur.
  • 30+ Innovative Science Centres, 20+ Maths Labs, 150+ Science Labs, 20+ STEM Labs & 150+ Science Clubs.
  • Developed 18 Science Centres and 10 Maths Activity Room in tribal schools of Gujarat.
  • Developed activity labs with the help of donors in Rural parts of Maharashtra.
  • Adopted 40 tribal school girls from Gadchiroli, Dharni, Melghat for scientific development.
  • Conducted hundreds of science exhibitions in schools in Maharashtra.
  • Impacted more than 1,00,000 students so far through My Science Lab.
  • MSL has developed lab on wheel at Nagpur and Solapur.

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