School Programs

Pathfinder Foundation, an initiative taken by social change driven youths team from varied fields.
Vision behind to start Pathfinder Foundation is to provide better education, training and job related services to the rural students and make them employable as well as uplifting of rural healthcare services.
Pathfinder Foundation has started unique model by providing classes for Abacus and Vedic Math’s at different schools and institutions at no cost.
Trained teachers staff from Pathfinder Foundation teaches students in different parts nearby Nagpur, Maharashtra. Abacus is a brain development program based on mental arithmetic concept. Abacus is a method of mental calculation using beads at highly accelerated speed. Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas.
Pathfinder Foundation conducted Vedic Math’s Olympiad to boost up the mathematics skills in rural students and almost 2500 students have participated in the exam in yr. 2016-17. Science Workshops in Schools is a window of opportunity to the students in the Private & government Schools in the state to bridge between the theoretical & practical divide. We are helping rural schools by providing in house practical training and trying to aware about science and develop curiosity among students.  It is a comprehensive & well thought -out initiative to open new vistas of Science Aided Teaching & Learning to provide a level playing field to Private & Government school students whether in rural areas or in the cities. The continuous engagement of teachers & learners during the interactive learning process will enable effectiveness in education & students will become more innovative.
Mobile Science Laboratory; Pathfinder Foundation is trying to develop where students can learn new concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics at their places only. It’s the ideal alternative for schools that don’t have a laboratory of their own. The mobile lab incorporates both technology and science equipment needed to do experiment covered in the high school science syllabus, bringing physics, chemistry and life sciences to life. The mobile labs will also see teachers in the area receiving training in teaching and practical’s . This is expected to improve mathematics and science skills in a rural as well as urban area where performance in these subjects has traditionally been poor. The self-sufficient portable structure on wheels will be used to teach learners science at the school going forward, enabling practical interactive demonstrations, as well as appropriate revision in preparation for exams.
We are planning to identify and develop Junior Scientist in rural schools to deliver best teacher's training and to motivate school authorities to arrange science fares in schools. This will gradually change the education scenario in India.

Mobile Science Laboratory a powerful, innovative and affordable Education Solutions boosting educator capacity and proficiency to the benefit of the learner.
Our Objectives are:

  • To help young science learners in understanding concepts of science by play way method.
  • To spark curiosity and imbibe scientific way of thinking
  • Promote science education a culture of science in the population at large
  • To spread awareness about latest discoveries and their impact on society
  • To discuss issues related to adverse effects of scientific developments
  • To promote science as a medium of socio-economic development
  • To glorify careers in science – The media, parents and students should be sensitized to the various career options and job situations available to students coming out of science streams.
  • This would encourage more students to science and reverse the alarming trend of lack of interest in basic sciences.

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