One of the weaknesses of the Indian education system is that it does not give due importance to vocational training. As a result, there is a discrepancy between the need for skilled workers and skilled workers available. Each year, we churn out millions of graduates who do not have the specific skills required by the market. If this trend continues, our economic growth would hurt the long term. To change this first thing we must change our mindset. In India, people are obsessed with attaining a graduation degree and usually top-down training. The things are found to be more worsen in tribal areas leading to increased ratio of unemployment and poverty.

Pathfinder Foundation is working as a training implementation partner for several NGOs and corporate as CSR implementation partner in India. Some of the training programs completed successfully in different parts of India are-

  • Medical Representative Training
  • Laboratory Assistant Training
  • Competitive Exams Training
  • General Knowledge Training
  • Basic Computer Skills Training
  • BPO Training
  • Retail Training
  • Rural Education Program
  • Youth employability Training
  • Hospitality Training
  • Projects management in Healthcare, Hospitality, agriculture, IT, Telecom and banking sectors.

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